strategic issue facing coca-cola

The most important strategic issue facing Coca-Cola’s ongoing expansion in China in 2014.
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Write a clear, concise, well organized analysis of a business case using correct grammar, composition and spelling. The assignment should include a maximum of three pages text double spaced 12 point Times-Roman font with one inch margins all around. Also include an additional three pages of tables and or figures. The elements of your business case analysis should include:
I. A Problem (or Opportunity) Statement
1. Please describe the most important strategic issue facing Coca-Cola’s ongoing expansion in China in 2014.

II. Elements of Analysis
2. Please describe the key economic and policy issues and trends in the China where the firm is operating.
3. Please describe the industry in which Coca-Cola is operating perhaps including information such as competitors, new entrants, substitute products, suppliers, the buyers and the intensity of industry rivalry.
4. Please identify the relevant stakeholders.

III. List Strategic Recommendations

5. Please list three strategic recommendations you would want top management to consider.

IV. Make a Final Recommendation

6. Please choose your most important recommendation and defend why it is the most important.

V. Learning Reflection

7. Please write one or two paragraphs that reflect on your own learning processes as you worked to complete this assignment.

Please use Case 20 in the text book (pages 666 – 674) as background information and be sure to research more current information online or at the library.

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