November, 2016

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Delphi Corp. fraud describe

Project descriptionMy topic is describe the company- Delphi Corp. fraud providing a comprehensive overview of the fraud including 1) A brief description of the fraud including who, what, then and where; 2)The backgrounds of the perpetrators For part 1: I have some research: who: Delphi Corporation and Nine Individuals, IncludingRead More

Analyze the photos

Project descriptionIn one paragraph, discusses TWO theories of photography to analyze the photos. Use author’s quotation – On photography by Susan Sontag – Afterimage of Empire by Chaudhary I recommand the theories related to war,violence,politic,aesthetic.. or something like that. many theories are included. Example According to the Sontag..” Photographs representRead More


Paper details Prompt: Write an essay in which you explain what Hamlet eccentric behavior consist of and how it many be judged reasonable. Explain the significance of the “madness” to the work as a whole without merely summarizing plot. • A complex, detailed, analytical thesis statement that answers one ofRead More

Medication Profile

Project descriptionThis assignment will need to be in APA format 6th edition only. I will upload instructions along with the grading criteria. Please answer each section of the grading criteria, if writer follows the grading criteria every section of assignment will be completed. Assignment must be completed by 23:45 pmRead More

PowerPoint Presentation with accompanying text, Gender & Sexual Studies

should the acceptance of homosexuality be taught in the public schools sex education program without parental consent Project description 2-3 slide powerpoint, SHORT bullet style format, with accompanying text. PHOTOS are OK. TOPIC: Should the acceptance of homosexuality be taught in the public schools sex education program w/o parental consent?Read More

Technological advancements after World War II.

Economics Paper instructions:Paper needs to be based on: -How technology changed after WWII -How that technology fostered globalization -The book “Engineers of Victory” by Paul Kennedy -Citations if quoted from direct sources PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT 🙂 At UltimateRead More

“Public and Private Management: What’s the Difference?”

“Public and Private Management: What’s the Difference?” Write a brief analysis of how private, for-profit organizations differ from public and nonprofit organizations. Then, based on your analysis, describe at least one challenge associated with implementing private, for-profit management practices in public and nonprofit organizations using a specific example. Finally, provideRead More

Health Care and Life Sciences

Paper instructions:•Assess your proficiency for two or more competencies or standards related to organizational effectiveness and leadership. Discuss at least one for which you would consider yourself to be particularly strong, and at least one for which you could use significant improvement. •Explain how each competency or standard you haveRead More

brochure or presentation of jewish religion

Sociology Judaism,  create a four to six (4-6) page brochure in which you1.    Focus onthe following topics: c.    rites of passage (funerals, marriage, etc.) 2.    Provide a brief overview of the following: a.    the type / sect of the religion on which you are reporting b.    the origin of theRead More

taxation law

Law Jacqueline is an Australian based journalist employed by The Chronicle where she covers current issues in the world of finance. Her annual salary is $100,000. As part of her remuneration package, Jacqueline borrowed $15,000 at the rate of 5% per annum from The Chronicle to fund her personal homeRead More