(1) Analysis of spirituality and ecology Religion and spirituality shape human interrelationships with ecosystems.  We have not considered this topic in class-this essay provides an opportunity for students to do so.  To explore this interrelationship, students will research a specific culture group or religion.  Building from this, students should analyze the implications of the belief system for eco-behavior (what was, is, or could be).   There are other ways that the theme could be explored-just be sure the topic is sufficiently narrow given the page limit.  Please run your ideas by me if you are straying from the approach suggested here.

(2)Comparative analysis of the adaptations of indigenous populations in two distinct environments To begin this analysis, the environments of each group should be briefly introduced.  The adaptations (genetic, developmental, and cultural) should be described.  The paper should highlight the similarities and differences between the stresses and adaptations.  Lastly, the paper should briefly discuss the significance of the patterns. What insights regarding humans and ecosystems does the comparison offer?  Students should use course materials as a starting point.  Students can research indigenous populations introduced in lecture or readings, or cultural groups that we have not considered.

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