Global Supply Chain Management


An individual report (2,000 words) within which you will be required to:

The integrated supply chain looks at the managing material flow from three perspectives – strategic, tactical and operational. Each level should contribute to harmonisation and coordination of activities. Stevens (2007:4) notes that the tactical level is “the means by which the strategic objectives can be realised.” He goes on further to add “it involves translating the strategic objectives and policies into complementary goals and objectives for each function to provide a balance to the supply chain. The functional goals provide the drivers for achieving the balance and inventory, capacity and service are the levers by which balance is achieved” (Stevens, 2007:4).

Following the sentiment of Stevens discussions, critically analyse how integrated supply chains may successful impact on an organisation’s overall performance.

You should use both academic and practical sources to support your critique. Source material should be cited using the Harvard style of referencing, in accordance with the Faculty’s Referencing Guide.

Further guidance:

Your assignment should be submitted to the Student Advice Centre for the attention of Alexandra Charles, by the following deadline:

You MUST also submit a copy of the same submission, by the same deadline, to Turnitin. Failure to do so will result in failure of the assessment.

Your answer will include considerable evidence of wider reading and research. We would expect you to have read some 15-30 sources – this is purely an indication. You should integrate many academic and practical citations within your report to support the themes of your discussions. In order to do this, you must utilise the Harvard style of referencing, you are likely to use both quotations and in text citations, but please take care to ensure that you correctly and clearly identify when you are integrating a quotation – using both speech / quotation marks (“…“) and also appropriate citations, citing the author surname(s), publication year and where appropriate the page number.

The style of your answer to this assignment should adhere to the following:

  • a report style, incorporating headings and sub headings
  • section numbering
  • page numbers
  • use of the Harvard style of referencing
  • a maximum of 2,000 words (there is no scope to go beyond this word limit)


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