Journal article review paper

In terms of the proportion of the paper, I’d say 60% for summary of the paper and 40% for the critique will be good but again, you may want to switch them if you have more critique to offer than summarizing the main points of the paper. Whatever you do, however, please make sure to use some useful section headings and end the paper with a conclusion section.
Additional instructions:

    1. Journal article review paper (20%):
      • At this point in your development as a linguist, it is exceedingly difficult to write an original research paper. Therefore, I’d like you to write a journal article review paper on a topic that is closely related to the course and that is approved by me, and submit it on the last day of classes asan e-mail attachment.
      • Your review article should be 10 full pages long, double-spaced, excluding references, and in 12 font New Times Roman. It should also be paginated and stapled, with clear section headings.
      • A typical way to write a review paper is to select a peer-reviewed and published journal article and offer a sufficient summary and a critical assessment of it by referring to several other relevant published works.
      • But you cannot just regurgitate what has been said; you must state things in your own wordsand evaluate the article, mostly based on your own understanding of it.

      • In sum, your paper has to provide an accurate and informative literature review of a topic related to our course though the literature review need not be exhaustive, and it must also contain something novel, e.g., your own assessment of the state of affairs.

    • Evaluation criteria: (i) organization and style (15%); clarity of exposition (15%) (ii) thoroughness and accuracy of the literature review (40%); (iii) strength of argumentation (15%); and (iii) originality (15%). 

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