December, 2016

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(1) Analysis of spirituality and ecology Religion and spirituality shape human interrelationships with ecosystems.  We have not considered this topic in class-this essay provides an opportunity for students to do so.  To explore this interrelationship, students will research a specific culture group or religion.  Building from this, students should analyzeRead More

Economic analysis prompt

Using the relationships between macro variables and company/industry performance and the short-term outlook for macro variables from analysis paper three, develop a short-term (about one year) outlook for your company that is shown as an extension to the historical data tables or graphs you developed in previous papers. Answer theRead More

Journal article review paper

In terms of the proportion of the paper, I’d say 60% for summary of the paper and 40% for the critique will be good but again, you may want to switch them if you have more critique to offer than summarizing the main points of the paper. Whatever you do,Read More

Assessed Coursework- Questions

Required: Prepare a report addressed to the CEO of the company explaining the current situation of the company and analyzing any future decisions. In your report, please comment on the following aspects: Part A (60 marks) Recommend on how the business can cut costs and improve performance in order toRead More

Criminal Investigation

Directions: Be sure to make an electronic copy of your answer before submitting it to Ashworth College for grading. Unless otherwise stated, answer in complete sentences, and be sure to use correct English spelling and grammar. Sources must be cited in APA format. Your response should be four (4) pagesRead More

Global Supply Chain Management

  An individual report (2,000 words) within which you will be required to: The integrated supply chain looks at the managing material flow from three perspectives – strategic, tactical and operational. Each level should contribute to harmonisation and coordination of activities. Stevens (2007:4) notes that the tactical level is “theRead More

Sexual exploitation of young people

Prompt What are the most important issues that contribute to the sexual exploitation of young people in America and how can we confront them? Using Girls Like Us as your primary source, plus one additional source, please discuss some important aspects of the issue of sexual exploitation (police, drug addiction,Read More

Coursework Economics

Discuss the main challenges for Developing Economies (Emerging Market Economies) after the Global Financial Crisis Students can focus on a specific country or specific region. The research questions and working hypotheses have to be given explicitly and supported by current empirical research. The length of the coursework should be 2,500Read More

Group essay

Choose one of the following two questions What are the core dimensions of relationship marketing (RM) in terms of antecedents, characteristics, and consequences of RM? How does RM differ from Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM)? How does Social Exchange Theory (SET) inform RM? What is the essence of a ‘business network’Read More

Healthcare Finance

Students are expected to write an analytical paper that utilizes various concepts discussed in the course. Topic Selection: Students, with prior approval from the instructor, are expected to write a paper that analyzes the financial statements of a healthcare organization – a hospital, a clinic, a physician’s office, an imagingRead More