Statistics – Using SPSS

Using the codebook and the responses to the five completed questionnaires that are attached (i.e., HW3_Codebook_Questionnaires).
Five subjects’ initials are CLA, NAB, GLG, ACD, and MHT.  Each subject has completed questionnaires of demographics, HIV-related Attitudes Scale, and CES-D Depression Inventory.

Step 1. Create variables based on the codebook (p.1-3) on SPSS “variable view”.  The SPSS dataset should include each Variable’s Name and correctly specifies the Variable Type, Label, Values (as needed), and Measure.  Decimals should be set to zero. For the variable Viral Load, enter a zero (0) for any case that says “undetectable.” All other variable characteristics can use default settings.

Step 2. Input the 5 subjects’ completed surveys (p.4-18) into SPSS “Data view”.

Save your file as: HW3_name.sav. (where name is your last name). NOTE: SPSS automatically saves data files with the extension .sav.

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