Carefully follow the entire set of instructions (sentence by sentence) provided in the Lab Manual on pp. 59-60 to do your assignment. A small part of your assignment requires you to make reference to another research article in your report and list your references at the end of your report. Below are a number of links to files that will help you with this part of the assignment. Despite all this material on APA-style citations and references, be careful to NOT neglect the OTHER – more important – parts of the assignment. Remember, references are only a small part of the assignment and not the most important part. Each of the four files below provides the full text of an article that might be used for a relevant citation (reference) in your lab report: apl_38_2_119.pdf.pdf pms.1972.35.1.203.pdf HandSteadinessArticleByGrayEtal45.full.pdf HandSteadinessArticleByMead&Sampson45.full.pdf Specific guidelines for making citations in your lab report and listing references are provided in the workbook on pp. 61-62 and at the links below. ReferencesAPAstyle.docx This link directly above provides the proper way to format your reference(s) at the end of your lab report. Identify only those articles you cite (or “refer to”) in the body of your lab report. You may simply cut and paste this correct formatting for those cited articles into your list of references in your homework assignment. Below are a few links that can give you further information. Lab 7 moreAPASTYLEtips.pptx APA Style Reference Guide. (scroll down to “The Reference List” using the navigation panel on the right)

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