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As a student you must always use appealing essay formats. Our experts are knowledgeable and have the skills to write excellent essays for you. You may think it is irrelevant to follow a given essay format, but the popular styles of formatting an essay keep your papers organized neatly and plagiarism free. We produce the best essay formats for any academic paper.

What do we mean by essay formatting?

Formatting an essay is following specific guidelines that dictate how the paper should appear. Formats cover the basic essay structure, title page, essay outline, and the conclusion. Citations are also part of essay formatting.

Formatting an Essay

To format an essay paper the right way, we write a proper essay structure, title page, proper citations, text capitalization, in-text citations, and the works cited page.

Curating a Title Page

  • Use Times New Roman and font 12.
  • Avoid using a single-space on the page.
  • The title of the paper should appear after some space below the name of the institution.
  • At the bottom of the page, write your name, the course, and the number. Also, add the due date and the instructor’s name.

What to include in the first page

This is where you add the header at the right-hand corner just below the top edge. Repeat this for every page except the works cited page.

The heading should appear at the upper left-hand corner.

Just an inch beneath the top edge of your essay insert the title of your paper. Align it at the center of the page.

Immediately below the title is where you begin the first paragraph.

Introduction, Body, and Conclusion

An ideal essay format should contain these three elements, whether it is a dissertation or a short essay. For example, if you are writing a five-paragraph essay, you would want to dedicate the first and last paragraphs for the introduction and conclusion.

The other three paragraphs would stand in for the body of the essay. Ensure you:

  • Apply Time New Roman style and font 12.
  • In the introduction part, state clearly why the paper was written – the main idea.
  • The body should contain transitional ideas, and evidence should be cited.
  • Conclusion – wrap up the essay by converging all the key points together. Use this space to address the problem that your essay was all about. Avoid introducing new ideas or topics at the conclusion.

In-Text Citation

As you cite some other author’s work in your essay, it is prudent to mention them via in-text citation to show where you got the information. For example, you could mention the author’s name like ‘According to Dr. Ludwig Kraft’ then put into quotation marks whatever he said exactly as it is.

Example: According to Dr. Robert Smith, Mephistopheles is a “redeemable honorable antagonist with a strong sense of justice” (41).

Do not forget to include the page number after closing the quotation marks.

In summation, appealing essay formats gives your paper an edge over other students!

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