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At the outset, an essay is a Latin word ‘exagium’, meaning presentation of a case. Essays are usually short pieces of writing based on research, stories, and argument. The essays can be informal whereby they accumulate humor while formal essays are characterized, by serious discussion of various topics like scientific for the scholars to make a presentation

  1. Expository Essay: It is informative writing where we deal with statistics, facts to clarify more on the topic after working on the research.
  2. Narrative writing: These we talk more about telling stories, provides brainstorming to students making them contribute to the tales.
  3. Persuasive Essay: In such writing, we try to show the reader that the presentation is accurate, but we tend to leave more weight on the argument to the congregate.
  4. Descriptive Essay: In this essay, one needs to feel the sensations of words said. It combines with the sound, smell, and sound to bring out the image picture.

Level or Steps Of Writing

  • Introductory: This is where introduces the given topic by giving short and self-explanatory lines less than 100 words. We venture much into the introduction as this brings the flow of the writing.
  • Body: It has a lot of information that we place in this paragraph as this is the mother of the essay. Usually, vibrant details are all placed here.
  • Wrap up: This is the final argument that one summary laying both the introductory and the body for the readers. Usually, we make a moral story leaving the readers to choose.

The Common Mistakes in Writing

  • Do not make grammar mistakes, use correct spellings and punctuation
  • Organize a rough draft
  • Use delicate and uncomplicated language
  • The Essay writing length should match the given requirements

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