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What is an Essay Bot?

It is an essay writing assistant that is powered by Artificial Intelligence. Essay bot is an online platform that ‘assists’ both subject authors and students in completing essays.

In as much as some people may advocate for the use of the essay bot, you need to understand it is a machine that was developed by humans, and it has its fair share of downsides. However, when you use our services, we promise you written from scratch papers developed by our expert writers and not some writing bot which does not think critically like a human.

Here are some concrete reasons why you should not see essay bots as an alternative but instead talk to us for the work to be diligently accomplished.

Disadvantages of Essay Bot

Customer support

The bot’s customer support is through email. We all know email is not one of the efficient communication methods around. Email may take several days before it is replied unlike calling directly. It is a significant disadvantage to the students and more so with urgent orders.

Order form

How does essay bot work? With the interface of the bot, all you do is write the topic, title and one word that is related to the subject you want to write about. The bot will look for complete articles and essays that are relevant to the information you want.

The AI then rewrites the paragraph found to avoid plagiarism, and this is what you are expected to do to create the other paragraphs. You could also start writing, and the bot will give you suggestions for the other suitable next word.

From there you can download the paper. Oh, wait, you can’t download it without paying for the subscription first.


The essay bot will make several rewrites and paragraphs paraphrasing but remember you are the same person going to revise it. You can be sure it is going to consume much of your time trying to get the perfect paragraph that makes sense. You’ll eventually wish you had ordered the paper from a professional writing service like us or write it yourself from scratch.

Getting the paper done by us saves you time, and you can be sure it is fuss-free.

Final Quality

Rephrasing by this essay bot means substituting every word with its synonym. You will be shocked that the result could be something that doesn’t make any sense at all. Some of the essays by the bot will not even pass the plagiarism test. So why waste your precious time using the bot while you can order a well-written high-quality essay from us?

At Ultimate Scholar we are committed to Quality,Originality and Academic Writing Prowess. Say NO to plagiarism!!