Books Essay


Books Essay


Books-as-Source Essay Assignment

For this essay you will again be arguing a clear conclusion/viewpoint based on clear, concrete research. The argument you develop should rely primarily on books. Why books? Books are an excellent source of information because the information they contain is likely deeply considered over a long period of time. Books are also often written by an expert on the subject (or someone who becomes an expert during the timely process of writing the book) who spends countless hours finding accurate and relevant information while also discarding false and irrelevant information. The author then spends a long time arranging and synthesizing the information into coherent, logical analytical arguments. The disadvantage to books is that they may become outdated given the amount of time it takes to put them together and they cannot be as timely as a periodical. For this assignment please use at least two books, but remember that is a minimum; you may also use other types of sources for this assignment.


Minimum use of two books (you may use more than two sources and other sources may be of any type)
Unique title (not a label) that captures essence of the essay
Follow Guidelines for Modern Language Association (MLA) for essay format
Cite sources using MLA citation style
Four to six pages double-spaced
Fill out Essay Evaluation completely (including grade earned and precise, detailed reasons for grade)
Staple all pages together and turn in on due date


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