Roles of Spirituality in Recovery


Roles of Spirituality in Recovery

Introduction and Thesis statement
In this first paragraph of the paper, briefly state the following information:
(a) Some introduction to your topic, and why you are writing about it. It is best to not quote anyone for the introduction, and definitely not for your thesis statement. You might preface your introduction with a quote you finding important to your paper. But separate that from your own work.

(b) End your introduction with a good, OPINION-BASED THESIS STATEMENT: The basic formula is “I think………, because………..”, and you need to state a strong opinion rather than a factual statement. This is the most important part of your paper, as everything else follows from it.


Headings and Content for the Body of the Paper:

For the body of the paper you will need to create headings that best suit your topic and orgnaization Some people like to offer description and then analyze an issue immediatley. If you do this, you will need to create broad subject headings on issues pertinent to your discussion. e.g.

Women’s Sprituality in Christianity

Women’s Spirituality in Other Religions

Women’s Spirituality Today


The other way of organizing the body of your paper, one that I think is a bit easier to deal with, is create a more specific focus, describe the issue or situation, and then offer analysis. So the headings would look something like this. Note the use of subheadings.

Description of Women and Catholic Spirituality

Description of Current Practices

History and Development

Spirituality and Empowerment

Analysis of Practices

Here, you share your perceptions about what you have learned, and back up what you say with quotations from scholars about the purpose, effectivness, problems, and effectiveness of what you have explored in the

Finally, you need to end your paper with a good conclusion, so write a heading for this:

Conclusion Briefly review what you?ve covered in the paper, and recap your thesis statement about where you are headed in your journey towards meaning.

Bibliography Include all resources that you used and also influenced you.

So, a headings outline will look something like this, with variation for the body of the paper.

Introduction and Thesis






The body of the document should be 10 pages in length. To be clear, here is the paper length equation: Title Page + 10 pages of Text + 1 page of Bibliography = 12-Page Document

Please, provide headings for the paper sections!



My Grade will be based on…

? Directions for the paper have been followed carefully, including use of headings, and clear discussion of required topics.

? The paper has a clear thesis statement, based on student opinion, and recapped in the conclusion.

? The paper makes clear statements, using proper grammar and spelling.

? Topics in the body of the paper are clearly and thoroughly discussed, considering specific details of readings and materials through quotations and specific reference. 20 points possible

The paper includes a bibliography of readings and resources, following proper MLA style notation.
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