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Week 7: Communication Within the high-stakes environment of health care, nurse leaders are responsible for promoting patient safety and other essential outcomes via productive communication. Yet, engaging in effective communication can be more challenging than expected at times. What barriers may inhibit or complicate communication in the workplace? As you… discussion post 295Read more

excel ch 5 homework practice exercise

Excel Ch. 5 Homework – Practice Exercise Complete the following homework using the attached file– Practice Exercise: #2 Suburbia Regional Hospital Attachments e05p2Patients.xlsm 386.JPG 387.JPG 388.JPG

personal identitiy

Interview a fellow peer in your class who works in a different health discipline than you. Begin your interview with the following questions: What is your role as a health care team member? How do you define professionalism and how does professional responsibility influence your work? Do you consider leaders… personal identitiyRead more

evidence based practice 15

Go to MDC Medical Campus Library sitehttp://www.mdc.edu/medical/library/default.asp, and read these two EBP articles: SmithBattle, L. Diekemper, M., & Leander, S. (2004a). Getting your feet wet: Becoming a public health nurse, Part 1. Public Health Nursing, 21, 3-11. SmithBattle, L. Diekemper, M., & Leander, S. (2004b). Moving upstream: Becoming a public… evidence based practice 15Read more

summarize some of the major arguments presented in the movie as well as the evidence provided to support them

Topic 7 Introduction In this week, we are covering the roles of firearms, drugs, and alcohol in violence. Some people believe these objects are the sources of violence, while many others argue that they just serve as a facilitator to violence. Many studies and statistics shown in these two chapters… summarize some of the major arguments presented in the movie as well as the evidence provided to support themRead more

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add or comment to these posts with reference 1 The issues of poor communication, ineffective disaster management approaches, and lack of support to the public health sector have also been widely discussed. For instance, it is identifiable that lack of sufficient training of the public health professionals is to blame… respond to post 1Read more