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Sample Papers

Attached are sample papers for perusal. Every paper is customized to suit the client's requirements ad hence may or may not meet your expectations. However, the samples present a general overview of what to expect.

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Movie Analysis: Lucy >>>> Download


Case Study: Nissan Company>>> Download


Business: Torts and Ethics>>> Download

Fast-food Sales

Include in a PowerPoint presentation the following information: Starting from the article about Taco Bell (link attached below) and thinking in general about fast-food, please formulate 2-3 hypotheses regarding the relationship between taste, variety in offerings, healthy options, consumers’ healthy orientation, price, social media promotions, celebrity endorsements, income or otherRead More

Finance Ratios, General Ledger and Paper

Choose ONE of the following as the category of industry in which Holyard does business: Manufacturing Service Transportation Technology Legal services Automotive Use the information in the Holyard Industry Microsoft® Excel® sheet to evaluate how the various ratios and variances relate to the financial statement. Solve for (calculate) the unknownRead More

Black Organized Crime vs. Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

How is the rise of black organized crime similar to the development of outlaw motorcycle gangs? At Ultimate Scholars we are committed to Quality,Originality and Academic Writing Prowess. Say NO to plagiarism and place an order for a similar or different assignment and get amazing discounts CLICK HERE TO PLACERead More


what impact has International Organized Crime had on the United States? What direct or indirect connections can you make? Is Organized Crime transnational? If so, why? Describe Traditional Organized Crime “Mafia-LCN”, Asian and Russian Mafia, Street Gangs/Prison Gangs, Mexican Organized Crime/Drug Cartels, Hate Groups/Domestic terrorist, Outlaw Motorcycle gangs, Human TraffickingRead More

Modernity in the Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli

QUESTION: To what extent is the book “The Prince” by Niccolo Machiavelli modern? -STRONG THESIS STATEMENT (MOST IMPORTANT PART) -Include Footnotes or Endnotes Chicago style -Bibliography -Construct a thesis statement; one sentence that tells the reader topic, your position, and the 3 arguments you will present as evidence. At UltimateRead More

Creative writing

Prompt: Your browser history says a lot about you. Take a moment to think about the time you spend online. Whether it’s browsing an Instagram account, listening to your favorite podcast, subscribing to the best web series on YouTube, or even addressing questions on tech-help forums, we want to knowRead More


(1) Analysis of spirituality and ecology Religion and spirituality shape human interrelationships with ecosystems.  We have not considered this topic in class-this essay provides an opportunity for students to do so.  To explore this interrelationship, students will research a specific culture group or religion.  Building from this, students should analyzeRead More

Economic analysis prompt

Using the relationships between macro variables and company/industry performance and the short-term outlook for macro variables from analysis paper three, develop a short-term (about one year) outlook for your company that is shown as an extension to the historical data tables or graphs you developed in previous papers. Answer theRead More

Journal article review paper

In terms of the proportion of the paper, I’d say 60% for summary of the paper and 40% for the critique will be good but again, you may want to switch them if you have more critique to offer than summarizing the main points of the paper. Whatever you do,Read More

Assessed Coursework- Questions

Required: Prepare a report addressed to the CEO of the company explaining the current situation of the company and analyzing any future decisions. In your report, please comment on the following aspects: Part A (60 marks) Recommend on how the business can cut costs and improve performance in order toRead More