3 Separate Essays


First Essay Instructions

1. Is there a particular holiday, family vacation, or other family event that stands out in your memory? What makes this occasion more memorable than another?

2. What does this story tell you about your family? Have your memories of this event changed over time?

3. What do you think a nonfamily member would learn about your family from this story?


Second Essay Instructions

1. What was/is your father’s role in your life?

2. In what ways has that role been supportive of you?

3. Are there any ways in which that role has been problematic for you?

4. What advice would you give the father of a newborn regarding his role in his child’s life?

***For question 4, please use 2 outside academically credible sources. Thank you!***


Third Essay Instructions

1. Choose only 1 – your choices are (Domestic violence, Child Abuse, or Sexual Abuse) What kind of violence surprised you? Why? Is that kind of violence common? (Cited evidence, you must use at least 4 academically credible sources for this essay.)


2. Describe 3 different programs designed to intervene in that kind of violence.


3. Evaluate these three interventions for how likely you think it is to work, its ability to affect the people involved, and the long-term benefit of the program.