A feasibility study of the key marketing issues

You have been hired as a consultant to one of the following firms that wishes to expand overseas through acquiring an existing company in a chosen host country:
a) An Indian fashion retailer
b) A Chinese Car manufacturer
c) A Middle Eastern hotel chain
d) A Latin American mobile firm

You are required to undertake a feasibility study of the key marketing issues of transferring practices to any host country chosen by your company which could be any country in the world. You will need to demonstrate the rationale for the choice of country and follow the guidance notes below
Using both institutional and cultural perspectives, you need to discuss the reasons that make the transfer of practices attractive to the parent company, the factors that influence the transfer of such practices, and marketing mix implications in the host country.
You need to conduct an environmental analysis of the selected host market and support your argument with evidence and examples from both the parent and host country. These (evidence and examples) may include data and information regarding segmentation, demography, positioning, cultural styles, ethics and governance, economic implications, laws and regulations, educational system, infrastructure, state of the economy, type of governments and the prevalent political situation and so on.

You need to justify your answer by supporting your evaluations with demonstrable wider reading, research and case knowledge
Coursework Weighting: 30%
Word Count: 2750-3000 words

Assessment 3- Submission Guidelines

? The front cover must clearly state
? your name
? student number;
? module title and number;
? tutor?s name
? word count.

? You must use the ?Report Format? as explained on Page 14
? Report must be word-processed in font size 12 and double-line spaced.
? Copy of the ?written report assessment criteria? must be submitted with your report.
? Depending on the type of the individual coursework, use the specified word count for that particular coursework.
? Evidence of reading is important and therefore sources (Reference) must be correctly cited and fully referenced.
? A receipt form available from the student office must be attached to your coursework.
? Students must retain a copy of their coursework. The marked copy will not normally be returned, so retention of a copy is important so that you can relate feedback to your work.
? Submission must be in two forms: a ? A complete report/essay must be submitted over turnitin & b- Hard copy of the report/essay must be handed in at Hendon student office on the specified dates above. Any submission after this date will NOT be graded. For any extenuating circumstances and extensions please contact the student office. Assessment 3- Detailed Outline for formatting your

I. Prefatory Items

a. Title Page
This should show:
Module name and number
The Student name and ID number
Title of Case Study/Task
Word Count
Your tutor?s name

b. Table of Contents
This should show:
 The full list of sections within the report (including any appendices and reference lists)
 The page number on which each section begins

d. List of Illustrations
 This includes the Table of figures: the list of all the figures presented in the body of the report
 Table of tables: this is the list of all the tables presented in the body of your report

II. Main Body

 A. Introduction.
This should give a brief explanation of the objectives of the report and its coverage.

 B. Analysis (Findings)
Here you should conduct a thorough analysis of your report topic and support your discussion and what you write with evidence and/or argument. This means that must substantiate each assertion you make with references to relevant theories, models and concepts in the literature. Also, where possible, you can support your arguments by facts and figures, and real life examples.

Remember that you must cite all your sources in the text properly. This is important to acknowledge debts to other writers, to demonstrate the body of knowledge upon which your research is based, and to enable all those who read your work to identify and locate your sources easily. If you do not acknowledge the source of your material it is in fact theft and could be considered as Plagiarism.


? Jobber (2001) defines the marketing concept as: ???..?.
? There is evidence that (Smith, 1990) that the statistical analysis is sound.
? It is estimated that around 73 million people are employed directly by multinational companies worldwide (UN, 1996).

 C. Conclusion: You draw together the main points discussed in the previous discussion and analysis to make some overall points.

 D. Recommendations: these are actions which your conclusions lead you to believe are necessary and beneficial for the organisations studied.

III. Appendices
This includes relevant information but may not be central to the main body of the report or may interrupt of the flow of the argument. This material does not count towards the word length.

IV. List of References
This is the list of sources referred to directly in your report. If you have mentioned a writer or a book, etc. your must give full details here. The list of references should come at the very end of the work after the appendices. It should take the form of one alphabetical list of the cited works.

Appropriate standards should be followed when quoting others? works in the body of your text/report and compiling the list of references. Follow the appropriate Library Fact sheet guidelines.