Alexander Calder in New York/Paris: Questions of Audience & Reception

Write a response to the uploaded articles. The main idea behind the readings is that Calder is learning from his audience. The audience encourages and discourages him in different ways and contributes to the artist Calder becomes (Calder reinvents art). Make a case on how his understanding of new art is affected. While writing the response, focus on the concepts of audience and reception. Make sure to answer the questions below:

• How do the articles go together?
• What are the author’s arguments? How do they give you their vantage points?
• Use these questions as a guide: Between 1926 and 1929 how many times does Calder cross the Atlantic? What is the function of Calder’s Circus in Paris? In New York? What types of things did he exhibit? Compare and contrast Calder’s audiences in Europe and America. What is their frame of reference? Did they change the way Calder saw his work?