Art (Fine arts, Performing arts)


Section: 1

1. Describe the fundamental beliefs of Hinduism.


2. What are the Vedas?

3. What is the purpose of Hindu sculpture and what do the images represent?


4. What are the main gods of Hinduism?

5. What is the purpose of a Hindu temple?

6. Describe the Hindu temple using the specific names for its parts. What does a Hindu temple metaphorically represent?

7. What is the purpose of Hindu erotic sculpture?

8. How and where did Hinduism spread outside India?

9. What was the significance of Angkor Wat to Hindu beliefs?

10. Compare and contrast a North Indian temple with a pura from Bali.

11. What are some other art forms associated with Hindu beliefs besides sculpture and architecture?



section: 2

1. Describe the fundamental beliefs of Buddhism. How did these evolve and change?

2. Who was Emperor Ashoka and what works of Buddhist art and architecture did he commission? Why did he act as significant patron of Buddhist art?

3. What are the parts of a stupa? What do they represent?

4. What do the cosmic pillars, such as The Lion Column at Sarnath symbolize?

5. Describe the evolution of the Buddha from a teacher to an anthropomorphic image.

6. How did the teachings of the Buddha spread outwards from India?

7. What are Sandakada Pahana and what do they symbolize?

8. Describe the purpose and the evolution of the Buddhist stupa.

Describe Borobudur.

10. What are the sacred sites for Buddhists today?


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