Aviation and Sustainability

Paper details

Read the article entitled “Aviation & sustainability” (See attached PDF file) then expand and describe, in detail, three (3) of the sustainability solution ideas from the article (the sustainability solution ideas are also listed below). Write a half-page summary for each solution you selected (total 1 1/2 pages of text). The following outline should be followed within your summaries.
– Background of the problem;
– How this works to solve sustainability issues;
– Future issues or changes needed within the aviation industry to implement this technology;
– If outside sources are used, cite them using MLA format.

Sustainability solution ideas (Pick three (3) to write about):
• Single-engine taxiing
• Shut down engines during delays
• Better measurement and reduction of weight
• Redistribution of belly cargo
• Higher cruising, shorter/ steeper approaches
• Passenger paid off-setting
• Tankering
• Redesign hubs/schedules
• Expanded/improved airfield capacity
• Plug in to airport power
• Better/no paint schemes

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