Beauty Therapy (aromatherapy)


Please write the Question followed by the answer.
Part A Question 1
Prepare a aromatic plant oil profile for each of the listed oils. Include a colour image of plant / plant part for each oil. Basil , Bergamot ,

Cajuput , roman chamomile , cypress , patchouli
Identify every aspect of plant information for each oil which include the following :

Botanical name and plant family name , Origin , Plant Part , Extraction process , Cultivation method ,
Chemotype , Note and odour intensity and odour characteristics , Colour , Volatility ,Functional group , Chemical profile , Properties ,

Precautions for use
Part B Question 1
Identify and describe six aromatic plant oil (essential oils) general properties

Question 2
Describe the structure of the following types of bonds of aromatic plant oil. Include a diagram of each bond. Single , Double , Triple

Question 3
Identify and evaluate the elements and bonds which form carbon backbone of aromatic plant oils

Question 4
Describe the term functional group.
List six aromatic plant oil functional groups and describe the characteristics of each one.

Question 5
Explain the chemical terms that are listed.
Isoprene unit , Benzene ring , Aliphatic molecule , Terpene and terpenoid compound ,
Monoterpene and sesquiterpene , Monoterpenol and sesquiterpenol

Question 6
Identify the processes that affect the chemistry of aromatic plant oils.

Question 7
Explain the solubility terms of aromatic plant oils. Lilophilic , Hydrophilic

Question 8
Briefly describe the following substances and give one example for each one.
Emulsifier , dispersant

Question 9
Explain the difference between aromatic plant oils and carrier oils

Question 10
Identify two carrier oils and describe the characteristics and the skin benefits for each one.

Question 11
Briefly describe how you would evaluate the quality of carrier oils.

Question 12
Identify two carrier oils that may be used as an additive in an aromatic plant oil blend and describe the characteristics and skin benefits for

each one.

Question 13
Identify two other mediums that may be used as alternatives to carrier oils and describe the characteristics and skin benefits for each one.

Question 14
Identify three suitable aromatic plant oils (essentials oils) for each of the following conditions
State the note and any precautions for each oil (note : if there are no precautions write no precautions)
Facial for sensitive skin condition , Pedicure to relieve swollen feet , Body massage to relieve muscle fatigue , Spa treatment to induce


Question 15
Determine the ratios of aromatic plant oils (by drops) when blending ingredients for use in beauty treatment. Adult body for 200ml carrier , Adult

facial area for 50ml carrier , Pregnancy body for 20ml carrier.

Question 16
Write a brief procedure document for your workplace for each of the following :
Procedures for safe storage and handling of ingredients / aromatic plant oils ,
The necessary information to be included in labelling aromatic oil blends (as required for relevant Australian legislation and workplace policies

and procedures)

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