evaluate the competencies and skills needed by an HR strategist

Identify, assess, and evaluate the competencies and skills needed by an HR strategist.
HR Resourcing


Pilbeam, S. &Corbridge, M. (2010) People resourcing and talent planning: HRM in practice. 4th ed. London: Prentice Hall

(Please note that the references to these readings can be found in the Lecture Notes text under the headings of the

topics to which they relate.)
• The strategic significance of people resourcing
Pages 38–41 in Chapter 2 provide background information into the importance of developing HR strategy as well as the

difficulties encountered in this process.
• Strategy, business performance, and human resources
Pages 41–42 in Chapter 2 deal with the links between HR strategy and business performance and organisational objectives.
• Best-practice models
Pages 43–47 in Chapter 2 examine the application of a particular set of HR policies and practices for bringing about

improved performance. You will learn about the Harvard model, the partnership approach, high commitment HR practices, and

the ‘black box’.
• Best-fit models
Pages 48–51 in Chapter 2 explore the possibility of organisations needing to adapt HR practices based on specific

conditions, rather than applying a universal approach. The authors outline and discuss the business life cycle,

structural configuration, and matching models.
• The resource-based model
Pages 51–60 in Chapter 2 cover the resource-based model and examine how this strategy views the human resources within

the firm as unique assets that create a sustainable competitive advantage. This approach emphasises the development of

these resources while also focusing on the skills, knowledge, and attitudes of human capital.
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