a) Description: The final paper is designed to help you integrate everything you learn during your internship. It may also provide a document that future interns can examine in order to learn more about the company. Because this information may be seen by others, it is important that you not include any confidential information about the company you’re working for.
b) Content: At a minimum, the final paper should answer the following:
i) What were your job responsibilities? In performing your duties, did you provide value to the company? Why or why not?
ii) Did the internship experience meet your expectations? Why or why not? What changes would you recommend?
iii) What have you learned from the job? Be specific. For example, if you analyzed an industry as part of your internship, describe what you learned about the industry. However, take care not to turn your paper into an industry report.
iv) If you could do your internship over again, how would you change or improve your performance?
v) Did the internship help you plan your career? How?
c) Format: The final paper must be typed, double-spaced and 8 to10 pages in length. Please edit your work before turning it in. Use one-inch margins and a font size of 12. Your journal and final paper should be stapled or clipped together. No binders, folders, report covers, coil bindings, etc. are required (and in fact, will simply be thrown away).



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