Business Communications Human Relations

Paper #1 (Human Relations: The Key to Personal Growth & Career Success/Career Success Begins with Knowing Yourself)
1. The first step in developing effective human relations skills is understanding yourself. Knowing yourself involves understanding your communication style, self-esteem, personal values, attitudes, and motivation. The first three weeks of this course have given you the opportunity to explore the broad themes of human relations, improving your personal and organizational communication, communication styles, building high self-esteem, personal values, attitudes, and motivation. These themes represent the foundation developing stronger intra and interpersonal communication skills. What are the most importance aspects from the first three weeks you will carry forward and how will you use them to enhance your personal and professional life? Be specific.
2. Write a paper (no less than 1250 words) addressing the questions above. The short report must incorporated cited material from the course text as well as two additional resources to support your thoughts. This paper is not simply a recap of topics explored in journals and discussions; the paper should be a reflection and application of the content of the course. . Use information from your text and a least two other resources to support your analysis and to illustrate your understanding of the course material and application of those ideas.
3. Include a 3 professional references; your textbook may be used as one of the references; other reference(s) must come from peer reviewed journals or professional websites (search on the internet for the definition and examples of peer reviewed journals) references must be not more than 3 years old.

An introductory paragraph should introduce your reader to your subject and the purpose of your writing.
An introductory paragraph should explain to the reader what will be discussed throughout your paper. What do you plan on focusing on?
A concluding paragraph should be 50-150 words (the latter for longer papers) and remind the reader of the main ideas without repeating them
A concluding paragraph should:
a. briefing summarize your key points
b. discuss the topic’s wider implications
c. be decisive
d. avoid introducing new ideas.



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