CEO Analysis & Report/ Power point Presentation

Submit an eight (8) to ten (10) page paper, double spaced, analyzing a CEO and the way that he or she leads his or her Organization. You will need to utilize at least three (3) information resources (beyond your own text for the course).

Tips for choosing a CEO for this assignment: Choose a well-known CEO from the last decade to facilitate the ease of researching information about him or her. Visit websites such as Forbes, Fortune 500, Harvard Business Review, etc. to find lists of the top CEO’s in the world. Consider CEO’s of large companies that make much of their information available to the public.

After completing your CEO Analysis & Report, prepare a 5 – 7 minute video power point presentation in which you will communicate an overview of your essay and a personal application of your understanding about leadership and management. Your power point presentation should have an Introduction, Body, and Conclusion and the following information should be included:

1.Identify the organization.
2.Introduce the CEO. Why did you choose this CEO?
3.Provide a brief overview of your analysis of the CEO.
4.Do you see yourself in the way that they lead the organization? Do you share any of their characteristics as a leader/manager?
5.Which traits do you admire about the CEO? What traits are ineffective?
6.Would you approach leading this organization in the same manner as this CEO? Why, or why not, as it relates to the information learned in this course (Organizational Behavior II).

I can read summary of power point in my voice if need be I just need analysis and report and a power point presentation of that analysis and report. Thank you.