Chapter 2 and the case: “TecSmart Electronics”


Answer all of the questions at the end of the case as thoroughly and clearly as possible. (min. 150 words) In addition, answer questions 5 and 31

(min. 150 words for each) in the Review and Discussion Question section at the end of the chapter.

Book: Quality & Performance Excellence (7th Edition)

Scott’s Fitness Center

Figure 3.8 shows a partially completed House of

Quality for a proposed fitness center.

1. Examine the relationships in the roof of the
House of Quality. Explain why they do or do not
make sense. How would this assessment help in
the design activity?

2. Complete the matrix in the body of the House of
Quality. That is, examine each pair of customer
and technical requirements and determine whether
there is a very strong relationship, strong

relationship, weak relationship, or no relationship,
and fill in the appropriate symbols in the matrix.
3. Suppose that the most important customer
requirements identified through surveys and focus
groups are “Has programs I want,” “Family
activities available,” “Equipment available when
desired,” “Easy to sign up for programs,” and
“Value for your money.” “Staff available when
needed” was ranked low, while the remaining
were ranked moderate in importance.
Based on this information, identify the most impor-
tant technical requirements that should be addressed
in subsequent design activities.

13. How does the design of a service process dif-
fer from designing a manufactured good?
Explain the factors that one must consider
for a good service design.

14. Describe Motorola’s approach to process
design. How does this approach help to
ensure high quality and performance?

15. What is mass customization? Why does mass
customization present process design
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