1). Read the following article on “Type of Leadership Theories” found at the link below.

(Great Man Theories, Trait Theories, Contingency Theories, Situational Theories, Behavioral Theories, Participative Theories, Management Theories and Relationship Theories)

2). Select one leader (it does NOT matter who it is, but the leader and his attributes must be included) who exemplifies the characteristics of one of the eight types of “Leadership Theories”.
3). Submit an information and profile sheet that discusses how the selected leader effectively satisfies the criteria for “specific leadership theory”, and how he/she accomplishes his/her goals and objectives for the organization/group/etc.

Name of Leader
Position Held
Organization or Group
Background/History of Organization or Group
Selected Leadership Theory
How selected leader satisfies the criteria of the theory
Pros and Cons of their leadership style
Reflections from graduate scholar regarding selected leader, leadership style and their impact on the organization or group
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