1.  Considering the social media best practices we have learned including, but not
limited to, creating a dialog, the importance of “relevance, reach and
resonance” as well as the opportunity to listen, discuss AMEXs social media
efforts in relation to these concepts?  Please substantiate your response with
specific examples.
2.  How would you characterize American Express’s use of Social Media: what do
you believe their objectives were as learned from the case?  Please
substantiate your answer with examples.
3.  American Express created a number of social media initiatives that were
discontinued including Members Project and Members Know. Why do you
think they were discontinued?
4.  After reviewing all of American Express’s current social media accounts and
initiatives please discuss, what you believe, AMEXs’ current social media
objectives are. Please substantiate your conclusions.
5.  Based on your knowledge and learnings in this class, do you believe American
Express is currently utilizing social media effectively for their business
objectives?  Please provide specific examples to support your conclusion.  If
you see opportunities to improve, please provide recommendations for
specific ways to improve their utilization of social media.