Computer Science Ethic


Discuss the moral dilemma(s) faced by one of these NSA employees whose stories are discussed in the documentary, United

States of Secrets: Tom Drake, Edward Loomis, or Edward Snowden.

If you need to review part of the video to write your essay, you can access the video at The links are: and

Assume that the ACM Code of Ethics ( applies to each of these computer professionals. Using

the framework of the ACM Code of Ethics, analyze the moral dilemma(s) faced by Drake, Loomis, or Snowden.

In your analysis, you must discuss the ACM Code of Ethics and at least three of the articles that we read in class this

quarter. Which articles you choose to discuss is up to you: choose the most appropriate articles given what you focus on.

For example, if you focus on the right to privacy, articles by Moore or by Warren and Brandeis are obvious choices. If

you choose to discuss issues of freedom of speech, the Greenawalt article or the Balkin article would be appropriate. And

the Lilly article, which is about government surveillance, would work regardless of you particular focus.

Part of your analysis should be an argument for what you think Drake, Loomis or Snowden ought to have done.


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