Cultural Competence

M6A3: Registered Professional Nurse Responsibility Paper

Using APA format, write a six (6) to ten (10) page paper (excludes cover and reference page) that examines culturally sensitive nursing care. The

paper consists of two (2) parts and must be submitted by the close of week six (6).

A minimum of three (3) current professional references must be provided. Current references include professional publications and valid websites

dated within five (5) years. Additionally, a textbook that is no more than one (1) edition old may be used.

Part 1 – Introduction

Address the following:
1.Using your own words, define culturally competent nursing care. Support the definition with a professional literature citation.
2.Identify four (4) guidelines the registered professional nurse may use to enhance the ability to provide culturally competent nursing care.

Provide one example the culturally competent nurse applies to each of the four (4) selected guidelines. At least one example must address care of

patient(s) not occurring in an acute care hospital.
3.Describe how the registered professional nurse evaluates if the patient’s cultural needs have been met.
4.Describe whether cultural practices must be accommodated in all aspects of health care. Provide a specific example and rationale to support your

Part 2- Demonstrating Culturally Competent Nursing Care

Address the following:
1.Select one of the following cultures: ◦Asian
◦Native American

2.Select four (4) cultural features, associated with the selected cultures that influence the provision of nursing care for patients with chronic

illness and at the end of their lives. Describe how the four (4) cultural features influence the provision of care to the patients.
3.Provide two (2) nursing interventions that demonstrate nursing care, which reflect the respect for the dignity and uniqueness of those cultural

features for patients experiencing chronic illness and at the end of their lives.
Compose your work using a word processor (or other software as appropriate) and save it frequently to your computer. Use a 12 font size, double

space your work and use APA format for citations, references, and overall format. Information on how to use the Excelsior College Library to help

you research and write your paper is available through the Library Help for AD Nursing Courses page. Assistance with APA format, grammar, and

avoiding plagiarism is available for free through the Excelsior College Online Writing Lab (OWL). Be sure to check your work and correct any

spelling or grammatical errors before you submit your assignment.
Acceptable ranges include a cumulative total of less than 15% @ for your entire paper, and no particular area greater than 2%

(excluding direct quotes and/or references).
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