Current Events Presentation (Environmental Scanning)


1.Find, read, analyze or critique a current (since May 2014) event related to the topic of the week( Environmental Scanning). Use credible* sources such as Business Week, Fortune, Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, The Economist, New York Times, The BBC, Bloomberg, Fast Company, etc. Do not use personal blogs (i.e., personal opinions) or Wikipedia.

* A source is “credible” if you can verify the presented information and determine if it is correct or not correct. For instance, you can independently find the statistics cited in the article, to see if it is correct, and if it is correctly used in the context.

1) What happened? – A very short summary of the Event you found.

2) Why/how is it relevant to the class topic? – Explain some specific concepts relevant to the Event.

3) Why should we care about it? – Important implications for strategic management of the Event.
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