Decision involving multiple objectives: SMART

Formulate a value tree to identify the attributes which are of concerns to you when choosing a vacation

The answer must include: ½ page
1/ a value tree for the vacation (first thing to do tree)
– attributes and a specific attributes as figure 3.1 page.37
– check the tree is it complete and correct .. info in page 38-39

2/ measuring how well the option perform on each attribute p.39 .. 1.½ pages
– Do a table as table 3.1 p 40 (2nd thing table)
– Do Direct rating as p.40-figure 3.2 41 (3rd thing)
– Do Values and weights for the vacation attributes as table 3.2 p.42 (4th thing table)
– Value function as p.42 (5th thing)
– A brief explanation 4 sentences of the measuring attributes (6th thing)

3/ Determining the weights of the attributes 1 page
-as p. 44 figure 3.4 (7th thing)
-tables as p. 45 (8th thing)
– table as p. 47 (9th thing)
-breif explanation 3-4 sentence about weighting atributes

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