Direct marketing

1. Despite the move to digital media, why is direct mail still at times a better option for direct marketing? What

example could you provide to support your answer?

2. This term, you had case studies that covered a wide variety of topics related to direct marketing. Some cases

were “dated” and historical in context, and others were current. Comment on three cases and what you learned from them as

it relates to this course.

3. Despite so many companies moving to digital mediums for their marketing programs, what types of companies will

still use direct mail, as a source of direct marketing?

4. Why are mobile ads now considered an ideal medium for market segmentation?

5. Why is it important for direct marketers to understand consumer motivations when creating an offer? What can

drive these motivations?

6. How do market segmentation and positioning strategies play a role in planning an offer?

7. The last part of the direct marketing process is fulfillment and customer service. Why is this last step so

important? Be sure to include reasons related to measurability and accountability.

8. Below is a summary of the DDMI, and how they are striving to keep data-driven marketing from being threatened by

laws regarding customer privacy. Read their position below (carefully) and provide your opinion as to what the future

holds for data-driven direct marketing.
The Data-Driven Marketing Institute’s (DDMI) sole purpose is to set the record straight – among policymakers, consumer

advocates and the press – about how responsible data-driven marketing works, the countless ways that it benefits

consumers, and the powerful fuel it provides for economic growth. Our Data-Driven Way of Life is Under Attack. We live

in a data-driven world. Consumers enjoy greater benefits from data-driven marketing today than ever before. So why are

the threats to that data-driven way of life piling up faster than ever? Legislators and policymakers who hold the power

to steer the future of data-driven marketing are not yet “data literate.” What we find amazing, policymakers find

alarming. What we know consumers want, they think threatens consumer privacy. What we call innovation, they call

creepy. Talk about a massive disconnect – and one that could kill your business.

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