Discussion: Area of Study and Concentration Guidelines – Part 1


Discussion: Area of Study and Concentration Guidelines – Part 1
•What are the main points of your relevant guideline that you need to address in your evolving degree plan?
•Which courses have you already completed, or what PLA areas do you think you have, to address these guidelines, for both your general area of study and concentration?
•Are there certain knowledge and skills areas listed in your relevant guideline which aren’t represented by courses or other forms of learning in your degree plan? Which ones?
•How might you address these “missing pieces?” (e.g., additional courses, PLA, other ways)

So once again this class is about my, my degree and degree plan which I am building in a planner..i will tell u which classes I have already taken so u can add them in.Please be on point but brief, its just a discussion.THanks
1.Intruductory to college reading and writing
2.global history to 15th century
3.global history from 15th century
.presently taking 1.algebra
2.american history
3.planning and finalizing degree class
on top of it, credits that I am bringing over from previous college
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