Ecosystems And Sustainable Development.

1. Fish market or restaurant visit
Go to a restaurant or a fish market and ask the waiter/waitress or retailer about the origin of the seafood. How do you think these fish are caught and what do you think are the possible ecological impacts of harvest? Are there any more sustainable options? 100 WORDS
2. If you did manage to watch the movie Sharkwater this week (and if you have not seen this movie, I highly recommend it, especially this week as you are reading through the Fisheries material), I’d appreciate hearing what you thought about it. 100 WORDS
3. Look up Garrett Hardin’s paper “The Tragedy of the Commons”. You can access this online. How does this relate to the fisheries issues that you have read about this week? 100 WORDS
Answer the following questions
· 4. Fisheries consumption has increased globally. Can aquaculture help meet the demands? Why or why not? What do you think about aquaculture and which types do you see as most sustainable? 150 WORDS

· 5. What are subsidies, and what kinds of problems do they cause? See the Myers paper that is posted this week. And here is another useful link: 150 WORDS

· 6. What is the ratchet effect that is cited in Ludwig’s paper and how does it relate to the management of natural resources. Provide a historical example of the ratchet effect. 150 WORDS

· 7. What are some of the key issues that have led to the current situation in fisheries- use the Beddington paper and Pauly paper to help with this answer. What do these scientists propose as some of the possible solutions? 150 WORDS

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