Choose a content area such as science, math,
history, language arts, career/technical, the arts or life skills. Begin by identifying the specifics of the English learners being
served including stages of English language development, home languages, prior knowledge and special needs. Then select
the sheltered instruction methods that make content comprehensible for their specific needs. Teach the Common Core State
Standards or Preschool Early Learning Foundations using the sheltered instruction methods. The lesson needs to be
designed for one instructional session, perhaps between 15 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the age and educational
All lesson plans must follow this template and include:
1. Introduction:
A) Specify the intended audience including students’ grade, educational setting, special needs,
home languages and stages of second language acquisition (CELDT or ELD proficiency level
indicators – Emerging, Expanding, Bridging).
B) List the Common Core State Standard, Preschool Early Learning Foundation, or IEP goal
(content objective).
C) Identify connections to the students’ prior/background knowledge.
D) List the sheltering strategies you have chosen and explain how they will support these students’
needs and this content objective. How does this lesson specifically differentiate for their level of
language development (emerging vs. bridging or beginning vs. later) and special needs?
2. Lesson Plan (use your school lesson plan template or another such as the Madeleine Hunter 7 Step Lesson
A) List materials.
B) Outline lesson plan activities.
C) Include examples such as visuals, manipulatives, photos, diagrams, descriptions of TPR or
gestures, or sample sentence frames.
D) Checking for understanding (on-going assessment) – How will you know the lesson was
successful for your students?
3. Reflection: (Each partner (we re 2 person) must write his/her individual answers for this section of the project.)( that is mean you have to write 2 different reflation )
A) Comment on your personal process in creating the lesson (successes, challenges and
B) Describe suggestions for enhancing this sheltered lesson in the future. What would you do
differently next time?
C) Reflect on the value of this assignment for you. How much did this experience impact your
your learning and capacity as a teacher of English learners with special needs?
Projects will be submitted in written form via Blackboard to the instructor and shared with the class in presentation format.
Presentations will be between 5-10 minutes each, including time for questions and discussion. Demonstration of part of the
lesson is required in the class presentation. Presentations must identify the audience, objective of the lesson, the activities,
and successes and challenges of delivering the lesson. Any citations must be included and follow APA guidelines.