English 101


English 101
This assignment asks you to analyze and critique of the writing in the works you have read so far. How do these texts extend, complicate, or challenge your ideas about academic writing?
Provide a coherent discussion of your current conception of what constitutes academic writing.
In Assignment 1.5 “Evolving Understanding” you chose specific questions or concepts which challenged your view of academic writing. Explore one or two of those concepts and explain how your view of academic writing has changed – or not.
Please note that you are not debating the authors’ arguments or the issues in this essay. For example, the focus of your essay should not be to agree or disagree with Levy’s position on the state of feminism in today’s society; instead, focus on what the writer is doing to develop and support her argument effectively, or ineffectively, as the case may be. Discussing the content in order to set context for the reader is good, but do not neglect the purpose of this assignment which is to provide an analysis of writing itself.
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