You were just hired by Capelli Networks as a network engineer. You have been placed on a team of network professionals with a variety of experience in the network field. Your team has been given the task of working with a client that currently runs RIP on their network with 14 routers. The client is in the process of doubling their network due to a merger with another company that will move at least 1,000 employees to their location. While the client is working through the physical logistics of expanding their site, their IT department has asked Capelli Networks for help with designing an expansion of the network to adapt to the new employees.

Your team is meeting with the client next week to discuss options. Since you are new, you want to be prepared. The team leader suggested there are only two options for the company for a routing protocol EIGRP and OSPF.

Do you disagree with the team leader? Will the client be able to continue to use RIP?
If not, what information could impact whether EIGRP or OSPF would best fit the company?
How are EIGRP and OSPF the same? How are they different?
What questions will you want to ask in the meeting next week?


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