This essay should be at least 400 words. Avoid long quote or anecdotes or at least don’t count them as your 400 words. Citation is not necessary, but credit is: meaning no bib, but no plagiarism. Pick one of the following prompts and write your answer. Demonstrate that have read, understood, and can thinking critically about the reading. Do your best with typos and grammatical errors etc.

1) Having discussed willed ignorance during the critical thinking discussion, now is your chance for some self-reflection. Recount and analyze a case in your past where you were guilty of willed ignorance. (Do not use Santa, Easter bunny, or an incident of denial within a relationship).


2) Produce the most all encompassing definition of technology while discussing Heidegger’s article.


3) Pick any one of the primary Ethical theories that we discussed an use it to assess a scenario that might arise in your future career.