examining the performance and usability issues for e- business in your organisation*

Write a report examining the performance and usability issues for e- business in your organisation*.

(a) Identify and describe a realistic range of performance and usability issues from the literature for all types of user access to e-business sites and e-business applications (including PC, tablet, smart phone)
This analysis should examine both the academic (e.g. journals and conference papers) as well as the non-academic (e.g. web sites) literature for a comprehensive range of issues. This part of the question is generic and should not be restricted to your organisation.
(b) Examine your organisation to determine which of the performance and usability issues described in part (a) are of particular concern to your organisation. Please rank the importance of each issue to your organisation using a suitable (and justified) ranking system.
In answering part (b) you will need to provide sufficient background details about your organisation’s e business site and its configuration to justify your answer.
(c) Provide two strategies/approaches aimed at minimising the impact of the main performance and usability issues identified in part (b) for your organisation. Please justify each strategy/approach, remembering to take account of the benefits as well as the associated costs and risks to the organisation.

these strategies/approaches must NOT be currently implemented OR planned by your organisation.




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