GEOL – Meteorology and Space Science

GEOL – Meteorology and Space Science
Weather Patterns and Severe Storms
1. Explain what an air mass is.
2. What are the four source regions for air masses?
3. Describe the general weather associated with each air mass type.
4. Discuss the differences between warm fronts and cold fronts.
5. What occurs in an occluded front?
6. Describe the primary mid-latitude weather producing systems.
7. List the atmospheric conditions that produce thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes.
8. In what direction do tornadoes typically travel?
9. What is the difference between a tropical depression, tropical storm and a hurricane?
10. What is meant by “storm surge?”

What are the five “spheres” listed at the beginning of the chapter? (list them)
1. Briefly discuss the factors that give every location a distinctive climate.
2. Briefly describe the Köppen system of climate classification.
3. List five principal climate groups of the Köppen system and describe the criteria used to de­fine each group.
4. What are some of the possible consequences of Global warming?
Write a short definition (or describe its characteristics) for each of the following (about a sentence or two for each):
6. savanna
7. steppe
8. taiga
9. tundra
10. rainshadow desert
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