Global Environmental Issues


Global Environmental Issues

Introduction and Alignment

You should be familiar with environmental regulations, especially those that would affect the product being produced and the location of the proposed global location of the company they have selected. Environmental issues can be different in the host country versus the home country. Many countries have substantial regulations which protect their environment. Societies are beginning to restrict the amount of certain products that can be emitted into the atmosphere and waters around the globe.

Upon completion of this assignment you should be able to:

Describe key global environmental business issues


Text: Global Business Today (ISBN 978-0-07-811262-1)
File: Template for Analyzing the Logic of an Article.docx


Read Chapter 5 in your Global Business Today textbook.
Complete this assignment using the company selected in Workshop One. Fight Fit Ohio
Read the Exporting Used Batteries to Mexico opening case study on pages 123 and 124 in your textbook and determine the environmental issues discussed in this case.
In a three (3) page paper consider these issues in the case and list the environmental issues that the company you selected during Workshop One might experience in doing business in an international arena.
Use proper spelling, grammar, and APA formatting — with title page and three references



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