human behavior class


Interview paper: Learning to Drink: A Cross Cultural Analysis for human behavior class

The purpose of this assignment is to understand the culturally constructed ways in which we learn to drink (or not to drink) alcohol. Locate a person who has spent most of their first 18 years in a country not your own. Prepare open ended questions that you will ask that will find out when and how the person began drinking any alcohol. What are the cultural rules? Who follows the rules? What, if any are the consequences for breaking the written or unwritten rules. Are these rules uniformly enforced? Discuss any cultural practices that are important to the culture regarding drinking, such as the ability to give toasts. Who was in charge of transportation if you had been drinking away from home? What behaviors regarding drinking were considered unacceptable in your culture? Do you know about drinking behaviors in your country in people not from your social group (e.g., differ from you in terms of rural/urban, region, social class, religion). Has the individual’s drinking practices changed since coming to the US? What, if anything, about the drinking cultures in the US will the person likely take home with them? You will also be able to incorporate some of the concepts that you will be reading in the course as well as concepts that become evident in your interview analysis.

For each of the above questions, be sure to ask your interviewee for examples from their culture. Add further open ended questions of your own as the interview progresses.
In writing up your paper you must:

• Keep all real names confidential:
** the one who i made the interview with her name Molly.
• Describe the setting of the interview
** we were setting in the GHH building . other things for to describe its the writer choice.
• Describe what surprised you most about what was said.
• Describe how what you saw and heard relate to any of the books we have studied this semester

**it should be from the books
** the books we used are
Glasser, Irene (2012) Anthropology of Addictions and Recovery Waveland Press.
Medicine, Beatrice (2007 Drinking and Sobriety Among the Lakota Sioux Altamira Press.
Brandes, Stanley (2002) Staying Sober in Mexico City University of Texas Press.
Audio tape the interview, with the individual’s permission, and transcribe the interview and submit with the essay. In the last paragraph of your essay, critique your own interviewing technique in light of the anthropological interview technique you have learned in this course.

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