Human Resources Management (HRM)

Assessment name: Research Report
Description: This report will summarise a human resource problem, outline data methods that have been employed, and review the results of the qualitative and quantitative investigations. You will use this information to inform and report your decisions about what interventions the organisation should employ as it tackles the human resource problem.
Length/Duration: 3,000 words (The word count does not include tables or graphs.)

you need to have SPSS installed on your computer in order to run the file for this assignment. (i cant upload the spss data here, however the spss data is the same as the excel data file that i have uploaded) BUT still you need SPSS to do the statistical analysis

For the participant descriptives you could use the excel file. You would need to display the first seven participant background variables as either means (averages) or frequencies (percentages) only. This would then be in tables or graphs (e.g. bar charts). No correlations, chai squares needed at this point. This information then goes into the quantitative method section.

you will need to use SPSS as excel cannot do the statistical analyses necessary (combine variables to make new variables, run Cronbachs alpha reliability analyses on new variables, correlation tables for new variables, t-tests, codebook and ANOVAs with post hoc tests). AGAIN you will need SPSS not EXCEL

this is there reference for the “assignment data- quantitative survey” citationNewton, C.J. (2014). MGB220 Human Resource Decision Making [Lecture Notes]. Retrieved from