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Business Multi Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA)

Using Multi Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) develop a model in Excel to evaluate the options open to one of your classmates in terms of progressing their career once they have finished their masters Course. Making clear the way in which you generated their value tree, the reasoning behind the criteria used in the evaluation and the weightings for the evaluation process. You should produce results that indicate which of the options is seen as most desirable, and also comment on the sensitivity of your findings to changes in the weightings. You must compare at least 4 options in your analysis. (50%)
Copies of Excel model outputs to be copied into word document to sit alongside explanations of model development max 1000 words)

2) Develop a causal map to illustrate the complexity of the situation facing an organisation of your choice. Make sure that your map clearly differentiates between: Aspirations (often expressed in the form of a mission statement); Strategic Objectives; Key Issues; and Standard Factors. Make clear the sources of your information by including all materials used in an appendix. (20%) (model in copied into word document max 400 words)

3) On the basis of the case study given to you in class, write a proposal explaining which problem structuring technique(s) you would use to help the organisation, making clear the time frame for your intervention and the deliverable outcomes you would expect to see at each stage of the process. (30%) (the proposal does not need to include costings) (The proposal should be included in a word document, along with an explanation of 1200 words max)



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