infnat formula and customer behaviors in KSA



infnat formula and customer behaviors in KSA

is about the customer behavior and infant formula buying decision in Saudi Arabia
what are sources of awareness and sources of influences as the main objectives
the data will be primary and secondary
primary data will be through a questionnaire and some interviews with key professional people in the business of infant formulas in KSA like (marketing managers-sales managers etc.)
the survey has to be conducted through a questionnaire then the data will be analyzed by SPSS software and descriptive and numerical findings have to be presented properly through different charts, tables and graphs
below is a complete brief showing all required information:

I need you to develop a questionnaire in Saudi Arabia to be used for a survey and to conduct this survey to achieve below objectives and to answer below questions:
Research objectives and Questions
The research has some objectives to be achieved:-
• To conduct a critical comprehensive literature review on influences on customer behavior
• To determine customer perceptions on influences on buying of infant formula in Saudi Arabia
• To determine why third party professionals like (doctors, pharmacists, nurses) recommend particular brands of infant formula
• To make recommendations to managers in the light of findings to develop the proper marketing strat6gey and business plan
Based on these objectives, the research should answer some questions:-
• What is the purchase pathway of infant formula in Saudi Arabia market?
• What are sources of awareness in infant formula market in Saudi Arabia?
• What are sources of influences, directly impacting the buying decision of infant formula in Saudi Arabia?
• How customer behavior and purchase decision is impacted and influenced by different factors?
• Why third parties or health care professional are recommending infant formulas?
• What are main drivers of recommendation decision for health care providers?
• How to develop proper marketing strategy and budget allocation across different communication channels to achieve your commercial and marketing objectives?
The questionnaire will include different sections with different objective for each section as per below:
? Breast feeding dynamics, to understand the pathway of infant feeding after delivery, identify the time of infant formula introduction and the penetration rate of each stage of infant formulas (stage 1-stage 2-stage3).
? Decision making process, to understand when mom is taking a decision to use infant formula whether before or after delivery, to identify if that the mom has taken her own decision to use the brand given for the first time and what was the source of influence for the first time use
? Brand health tracker, to understand the migration pattern across different stages of the same brand and brand awareness level of top players in Saudi market
? Consumption dynamics, to identify who is feeding the baby and what the frequency of feeding and purchase of infant formula of different stage
? Source of awareness and influence, to identify the sources of awareness and sources of influences for each stage of the three stages of infant formulas that influence mom to buy certain brand name
you will use SPSS software to analyze questionnaire results and to use charts, graphs and all tables from SPSS outputs to present the result
then you will critically explain it and describe it properly
you need to present all descriptive and numerical data coming out from the questionnaire

the sample size must be 500 moms at the age from 24-54
sample distribution across three cites in Saudi Arabia
Riyadh 54% of the sample
Jeddah 36% of the sample
Dammam 10% of the sample
moms have to be using infant formulas at three different stages
stage 1, from 0-6 months
stage 2, from 6-12 months
stage 3, from 12-36 months
Submission Format
• The Dissertation will be required to be presented in the following format:
– Typed (word-processed) on 1 page of A4 using double spacing. The
recommended font is Ariel, size 12 for the main content and
appreciating font sizes for sub-headers and headers etc.
– Leave at least 4 cm on the left hand margin to allow for binding and at
least 2.5cm on the other 3 sides.
– All text should be justified, so that it is straight edged (like a book).
– Any pages preceding those of the main text should be numbered at
the centre of the foot of each page.
– Make sure that your project reads well. Keep paragraphs short and
use appropriate headings. Pay particular attention to grammar and
sentence construction. Keep content clear, to the point and jargon
A chapter on Research Methods should state what methodologies
are considered, what was selected and why. In doing so you should:
• justify the approach adopted including decisions surrounding
the collection of primary/secondary data (where appropriate)
• consider the appropriateness of the approach within
constraints present
• Detail with justification the sampling strategy adopted
• Detail how the data was analysed
• Address issues of validity, reliability and generalisability
5) Report on the research findings. Primary and/ or secondary data,
clearly described, using as themes, what you have discovered and
proposing reasons why this may be (interpreting the data). In doing so
you should:
• if presenting quantitative data (primary or secondary) consider
what charts are most appropriate to use. The commentary
that accompanies these charts should explore key patterns
and trends that you have identified. Specific decisions
regarding data analysis will be contingent on whether you are
using ‘descriptive’ or ‘inferential’ statistical techniques.
• if presenting qualitative data (primary or secondary) consider
how best to structure and organize this data. You should
make use of direct quotes where applicable when exploring
the key themes that emerge from the data.


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