Intercultural Essay

– It will be about Romania
– chose at least 3 of the following characteristics of communication and identify how Romania’s culture demonstrates those three characteristics:
1. Cultures Share a Common Experience of History and Tradition that we learn
2. Rites of Initiation, for example, serve this Purpose of Socialization Into the Community (ex.: Similar examples in North American culture might include the age at which a person is eligible to obtain a driver’s license, or when someone turns 21 and they are able to purchase alcohol)
3. We Share Cultures (emphasizes group expectations rather than individual ones)
4.Cultures Share Common Values and Principles (ex: Doctors without Borders – linked by a common sense of values and principles)
5. Our Cultures are Always Changing
6. Our Cultures are Complex
(choose at least three)

– Review the three barriers to intercultural communication
1. Language;
2. The Nature of Perception (ex. North Am. culture places an emphasis on space, with an appropriate distance while shaking hands, for instance), with Role identities, which involve expected social behavior (ex. how does your culture expect men and women to act, how about children, and elderly), Goals (what we value and what are we willing to work for vary widely across the cultures), Prejudice, assumptions, assume similarity, assume familiarity, etc.
3. Ethnocentrism – (‘conviction you know more and are better than those of different cultures’)
– Identify the barrier that you think most applies to someone from the US if they were or interact with someone from Romania, and vice-versa (someone from Romania visiting or interacting with someone from the US)

– Consider the following 6 tips given for improving intercultural communication and identify how at least one of the 6 tips could be applied to an interaction between someone from Romania and the US:
1. Become an active perceiver
2. Recognize that each person’s frame of reference is unique
3. Recognize that people, objects, and situations change
4. Become aware of the role perceptions play in communication. 5. Keep an open mind
6. Check your perceptions

– Explain your findings using at least 2 sources (academic sources, publications of some sort)
– MLA format, includes a works cited page
– 12 Times New Roman, double spaced




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