International law


1. What is international law and how it is associated with national security policy?
• Joseph Nye theory on international security
• Always use theory and practice
• Use theory and practice and identify the theorist
• Provide definitions
• Provide a Case Study and analysis it

Paper Structure
1. Introduction
1.1. Statements
1.2. Arguments:
What are yon going to take about?
What question you will address?
How you are going to answer them?
1.3. Analytical Method:
Shed light on the use of case study as an analytical method
2. The Case
2.1. History:
Use Theory
Provide Practical example
2.2. Current Statues:
What is happing now?
How it will affect tomorrow?
2.3. The Analysis’s
2.4. Final Pointes:
Your opinion
Your insights
Anything you want to add
3. Conclusion
3.1. What Was Analyzed?
What question you have answered
3.2. Final Arguments: A paragraph clarifying your arguments For example: I believe that NATO will use the following International Law to justify its intervention
3.3. Concluding Remarks:
Provide a Futuristic insight

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