Late Archaic Athens

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Solon acquired a reputation for wisdom not only because of his constitutional reforms, but also because of his measures to improve Athens’ economy. He outlawed the export of grain from Athens, and encouraged the cultivation of olive trees. The production of olive oil was to remain an important industry in Attica – indeed olive oil production is still a source of income in Greece today – and it is a form of agriculture that is much more suited to the soil and growing conditions in Attica.
An olive grove in Greece (ARTSTOR)

What effects would reducing the production of grain and increasing the production of olive oil have on Athenian international relations?
(give one positive effect, and one potential negative effect.)

Please use following resource.

S.B. Pomeroy, S.M. Burstein, W. Donlan and J. Tolbert Roberts, 2008. Ancient Greece. A Political, Social and Cultural History. New York: OUP.
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