Coursework Title:

Assignment: Leadership case (50% of total mark)

Task Details/Description:

Assignment: Leadership case

The case ‘Intel in China’ focuses on critical topics within leadership and is directed through specific questions to address:

1) Drawing from at least one trait, style, and contingency approach, develop your own philosophy of effective leadership (i.e., a model of effective leadership).

2) Putting your philosophy to a test, evaluate Charles Tang’s leadership.

3) Informed by your leadership philosophy, if you had to coach Charles Tang to become a more effective leader, what would you do?

Module Learning Outcomes Assessed:

Assignment 1

Assesses whether students are able to …

1. Appreciate leader, follower and situational characteristics that determine leadership effectiveness at work.

2. Identify conditions and processes that facilitate or undermine leadership effectiveness at work.

3. Understand different approaches and tools that can be used to select and develop effective leaders in organisations.

Presentation Requirements:

Assignment 1:

Word Count: 1500

Font Size: 12 Times New Roman

Line Spacing: 1.5

Assessment Criteria

There are no right or wrong answers to the case study; there are only answers that are more or less plausible. Plausible answers demonstrate mastery of course material, build on a critical reflection of available evidence, and provide realistic recommendations that are implementable in practice.

Ethical Requirements

For assessments which require the collection of primary data

N/A. Students will not be required to collect any data.

Essential Reading for Coursework Task
(if in addition to reading provided in the module outline):

Please note that this is not intended as an exhaustive or definitive list of readings for this piece of coursework. Instead, the articles/chapters listed below should be viewed as core or essential readings that may act as a start point as you prepare to tackle this

please see power point Revision for more detail about the assignment requirments

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